K, about the pictures...


This is my experiment... to have photos here, stories as they present themselves to memory, and possibly have links to Google Maps, and Earth -with corresponding geographically locatable locations. If you are reading this, and I haven't had an update as to the progress &/or plausibility of aforementioned experiment... kindly remind me w/ a comment. Or if you see me in person, gentle encouragement is preferred. Thanks, and God bless if you just sneezed.

-Joel Kreider

*If you click the pic...
you get a bigger one.
*If you click the highlighted link... under the pic, you get a treat. Of sorts.

There's a custom Google Map I made that shows exactly (+- a few feet of) where I have taken the pictures.

*If you know Longview: Zoom about half-way out, and you should have sufficient geographical context.
*If you don't know Longview: Zoom out 3/4.
*If you don't know Longview, and live in the Australia/ New Zealand area: Zoom out to the Third notch from full.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Facebook uses it's power for good! ~Or~ How the Lord provided through social media, despite it's bad rep for being a time-waster and showroom for emotional exhibitionists.

Tuesd'y last, I sent out a desperate plea for photographs, to be used in an Awana (www.awana.org) sponsored banner that was due that Friday.  Yeah. 

Ok, for Whoever sees this... I'm putting out a call for Pictures...

I need pics of rodeos + kids. And maybe a good over the shoulder shot, reading the Awana book. I would prefer your explicit permission to use the images... I can send a model release if necessary.

I'm doing a banner for Awana to reach the Cowboy Churches in the area.


So... after a few minutes I get a message from a contact at ANAM (Assoc. of North American Missions) http://www.anamissions.org/index.php  or check out their fb page, since this is a backhanded thankyou to the usefulness of that site in particular.  http://www.facebook.com/ANAMissions

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?  Visions of-  **  [I've just had one of those times where a very familiar word looks to be spelled significantly different than you think it should be, but spell check is telling you otherwise... vision, I guess that's right...] Visions of calves n goats running for their lives!  And kiddo's attired for Rodeo Camp -galore!

On to the design.

After sifting thru 3 years of Rodeo Bible Camp http://www.facebook.com/groups/113612598649960/  -which looks like a migh-tee grand time, I should add- I got some usable pictures and inspiration for layout.

I tried to keep it simple, since the deadline was so close.  Font choice tends to be one of the top time consumptions for any given project.  This was only half the case for this design.  Giddyup ( http://www.fonts.com/font/adobe/giddyup/regular ) was a no-brainer.  After several failed attempts at finding a complementary font, I decided it was taking too long.

The challenge ended up being -since I was only using one font- to make everythingreadableandnottoappearmonotone.  I eventually settled on some warped text, gradients to provide interest, and color to separate the grammatical elements.  This accomplished enough of the effect to move on.

Here's the 1st Proof.  [click for larger version]

2nd Proof, client wanted the Awana Corporate logo and praying cowboy switched, and sized accordingly.

Here's where it gets a li'l interesting.

Awana has been around for over 50 yrs.  It's a staple for kids in many churches around the country to learn about, and memorize the bible.  My intention from the outset of this design was to plaster it with Awana kids, and have some rodeo-esque-ness dabbed here and there.  But the Rodeo Bible camp pics had nothing to do with Awana, and I'd already had most of it laid out by the time other picture offers started rolling in from fb...

And this is where things start to work out.

The next change was to remove all visible references to Awana [proper].  Then replace them with the TruthSeekers logo.  http://truthseekers-us.org/   Vastly different from anything related to Awana's usual identity.

Turns out, I didn't need the blatant Awana clad pictures after all.  And the original pictures were just what they wanted.

The reasoning was that the Cowboy church culture would tend to shy away from anything they recognized as traditional.  And to give them a fresh, unbiased vision of what this new part of Awana could offer, would require a totally separate branding identity.

Oh.  And the last little design element I added, was just to learn something new.  I added a subtle texture to the Cowboys & Cowgirls text, that might only be visible if I told you.  I gave the girls lil diamondish things, the boys got a lil swashy design, and the & [ampersand] got an optical illusion type of deal.

I just like to find those kind of elements in other designs, so I tend to incorporate them into my own -in case anyone cares.  Like Easter eggs in a website, or DVD menu, that only a few people look close enough to find.  Appropriate, for this weekend I suppose. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Celtic SuDoKu

So begins a seemingly innocuous venture in learning the art of Celtic Knotting...  this began as a result of a design project for a missionary family on their way to Ireland.  In my quest to include relative cultural design elements, as well as increase my general knowledge of Ireland and it's history, I braved the depths of YouTube, and found to my wonder – a gleaming gem of 9th Century Biblical Art. 

The Book of Kells
The interface may take a few seconds to load, but is worth the wait.  The folios are viewable at incredible levels of detail.

Of particular interest is page 34r:

The initials drawn on this folio are X p i  (Greek letters Chi Rho Iota) the abbreviation of Christ.
If you are seriously interested in greek pronunciations... here is the most comprehensive site I've found: http://www.foundalis.com/lan/grkalpha.htm#fn_reconstr

In order to practice some original art to use on the display, I began to work out the intricacies of visualizing the Celtic style of knotting.  Each time a line crosses itself, or another line it alternates Over, Under.  The art is not only keeping track of this, but producing a coherent design, as well as leaving enough room for each thread to keep the rhythm.  The complexity can at times be dizzying.

Here is the progression...

Design attempt 1 (cropped to knotwork)...  These did the job, and I kept the larger transparent portion, but I wanted to add something more abstract.

I soon figured out the old fashioned way was the most efficient method of visualizing and constructing ideas.

Cleek Me.

Which, after a couple of days, revisions and quite a number of hours, turned into this... with the aid of adobe Illustrator.  This was my intended end of this knot.  So I took it over to Photoshop and dropped it into the banner design.  It didn't fit in the space between the map and portrait where I'd planned.  I was disappointed.  I also didn't want to go through a redesign just to accommodate a selfish piece of art.  Oh well, I had fun designing it anyway.

As a last thought, I tried it inside the 4.  It had to be flipped horizontally, but it fit, uncannily well at that.  After a few repositionings, I turned it upside down and settled it there.  I then noticed it could use a little something else to help fill the space on the left side of the 4.  Strangely, the more I contemplated the design, the more I began to see. 

Here is a link to the full rez jpg: Cleek Me so you can take a closer look at the Book of Kells Page.   Please do, I have little doubt you will be as amazed as I am.  There is a reason this book draws 500,000 people a year to Ireland.  When this banner was printed full size, the Kells page measured around 18"w x 22"h.  nearly twice the size of the original 25 x 33cm (~10" x 13"), and there was Still detail to spare.

Here's portion of an email I gave to the missionaries...

I thought I'd share a little about the design on the 4.  Take it for what it's worth...  I actually started drawing it as practice, and eventually decided to use it, but it didn't seem to fit where I thought it would.  Obviously I settled on the 4, but the original line art was drawn facing down, minus the leaflet on the left.  As I finished up the art, I started to see shapes hidden in the design that hadn't been consciously included.  I noticed that the original art resembled a root, with most of it's growth still under the soil, and the top, just starting to break the surface.  As you probably know the Irish were seemingly obsessed with the number and sequences of threes.  And there's probably some merit to the position that the Triquetra can symbolize the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit -at least in a Christian context.  I just thought it interesting that it was encased in the body of the root that appeared to be producing life.  When it was oriented to the 4, it took on the likeness of a budding plant, with the triquetra at it's core, and a somewhat stylized heart shape below, entwined with the soil.  The phrase "...rooted and grounded in love..." kept recurring in my mind, and I finally looked it up.

It's at the end of Ephesians 3 verse 17.  I've included some context...

13 So I ask you not to lose heart over what I am suffering for you, which is your glory.
14 For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, 15 from whom every family in heaven and on earth is named, 16 that according to the riches of his glory he may grant you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner being, 17 so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you, being rooted and grounded in love, 18 may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, 19 and to know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.
20 Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever. Amen.

As for the leaflet on the end, it evokes a bit of hope, and foreshadowing on my part.  For future seeds of growth, and disciples that will serve as stones of remembrance when times are hard to endure.
What was originally started as an excuse to practice abstract knot work, has indeed taken on a pleasant, far more concrete purpose and significance - at least, for me.  It's not often I find this much meaning in a design project.  When I start a design, I am hopeful that it will have some lasting influence.  I certainly wasn't expecting to find the depth I've experienced on this one.  This has been a special project for me. "

Now.  I tend toward the "most things mean something" camp, and I'm open to the fact that I might be in need of more food, and/or sleep.  However, I was unprepared for how deep all this affected me emotionally.  The idea that something I had formed with only a cursory intent on symbolism, could be turned upsidedown and backwards, to take on a far greater view of it's design, sans the disguise of my nearsighted nature.

This gives me hope:  That the Creator can take what seems conspicuous, or unfitting, or even beautiful in it's own right... and breathe into it (us) passion, and strength, and a power of purpose hitherto unseen or recognized.

 Amen, let it be so.


Friday, August 20, 2010

New, Old Fotos...

Better 1...?
Better 2.
Near Allentown, Pennsylvania... Or here...

View Joel K's Foto Spots/ feat. Various Escapades in a larger map

Better 1...?
Better 2.
North Longview, at the corner of Lonesome Pine & Northridge.  Or here, for short...

View Larger Map

Better 1...?

Better 2.

Lake o' the Pines... Or, here... approximately.

View Joel K's Foto Spots/ feat. Various Escapades in a larger map 

I wasn't in the water... it's just way above normal in this present Google maps image.

Minimal edits... just some B/C adjustments, straightening (second set only) and a bit of sharpening to take of some fuzz.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Banters For Ben

Got an Email w/ a few Questions in it... so I thought I would turn it in to a blog post. So heer y'ar... Thanks Ben.

Wow, that's way more [re: missionarytechteam.blogspot.com] than your personal dealio [this site].
Yeah, didn't seem like any record of the construction would get done if I hadn't kept up w/ it. Hopefully It's somewhat coherent, I was uploading willy-nilly there for a while. I'm learning better ways of doin stuff along the way tho'.

Of course, when I get to Longview on the 18-23 this month, if I get a chance to swing by, you'll have to get a picture of a visitor from another world.
Sweet! You'll be in town?... Ok, as long as you stop in at work, I should have a camera...

So, what about you? What about your story?
Ehh, I've been thinking about updating [this site], but if no one reads it, then it's not really worth much. But this is an interesting twist... maybe if more people comment and ask questions, I'll be more apt to update.

What about the newish supra you are hoping to win in a drawing at the fair?
No plans for a newish Supra, but the oldish one is getting a newish engine from Japan. : D That's the old engine, blown head gasket. Boooo... 7MGTE. Boo. It did make it all the way from Brad's place in Gilmer, Tx to Mike's place South of Tyler, TX tho'. It sounded like a Diesel by that time, strangest sound ever. Turbo petrol car, sounding like a Diesel. We only had to get out and push it once during the whole 2+ hour trip (normally an hour and a bit, but not at 35 MPH).

What about your blue ribbon hog named Bessie?
No hog yet, but my Dad has one... and it's Blue. 880ci Sportster.

What about that new band that you are putting together?
The Freedom County VFD? ...Still in the works.

What about those trees down on the corner near where you live?
Those trees have been cut down to make room for a new Townhouse Devlopment. Yay! my property value just Doubled! No, really, it did... I think the loan on my place was for 28,000-ish, and I've been offered 55-65,000-ish when I want to sell!

What about your new lady?
No Lady.

What about that new Sigma lens?
WOAH!!! WoAhAoW! That's an unbelievable lens! It must take half a ton of sand to make all that glass! Oh well, I guess if they take it from Nevada, they'll never miss it. I predict they'll sell 13 of 'em. ~$25,000

How can Mac n cheese taste so good?
Well, ya know nearly anything food related that's even partly Italian is gonna be good.

Friday, June 29, 2007

This is possibly the coolest thing I've come across in... well, ever. On the internet.

Please post (copy and paste or screen shot) yer favorite sayin'z and result'n tranlation... -but keep 'er clean. Arrr. Or for a perticular bit of levity, paste in some of the lyrics below! They tend to translate quite well. (Har!) There are multiple translations for some words, so don't be bashful with the Translate button.

Oh, if you use Apple's Safari browser, you can resize the text boxes for wider visibility!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Teach me to hear, when You only whisper.
Teach me to see, if You are hiding Yourself.
Teach me to be a light in the darkness
Teach me to run, to the only One who can shelter
my soul...

Turn my eyes, from this world of vanities
*...So that I may see Your perfect redemption.*

Teach me to live, so that others will see You.
Teach me to kindle, what fire is left in the coals.
Teach me to be a light in the darkness.
Teach me to rest, in the only One who can shelter
my soul...

Turn my eyes, from this world of vanities
...So that I may see Your perfect redemption.

Teach me to be a light in the darkness
...So that they may enter Your perfect redemption.

[Perfect Redemption]

-June 2, 4:41am. I'm tired again, -nite. Oh, the *'ed line was the starting phrase, I was editing the other post, and stopped to write this one.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

(May 17, 07 10:30ish am [no title: Random thoughts])

...When the leaves fall
to the dust of
this barren ground,
they eventually
bring the life that you see

Oh, my children
remember this when
the seasons of life
(they) give you little sustain


(May 18 8-ish pm: additions,re-wording [still no title: Beginning thoughts])

Welcome, my friends...
find a seat, we'll begin,

8:30ish: [Revision #1]

Welcome, my friends...
gather close, gather in,
finish your sentence, your thought,
your closing remark,

Find a place by a friend
make some room on the end...
as you tell the others
I'll bide some time, until we begin...

...Now, I'll tell you a story
[once] given to me, by a Wise Old Man...
He told me of winter, and spring,
and of this world we live in.

[He said] "Oh, My child,
remember this when
the rain of life's seasons
leaves you with little sustain...

"[Every] life has it's death,
every season it's change.
Yet, in every death,
there is Life that is made...

"When the leaves fall
to the dust of the ground,
they will eventually bring
all this life... now look around you, and see."

[Addition -incomplete]
[see] [The sun and the moon]
[along with the stars up above]
[no one tells them the way]

[Can even water refrain]

[Every step has it's rhythm]

[Every end began somewhere]
[And each beginning will end]

[With every second that passes]
[on the face of a clock]
[a [brand] new one will greet you]
[and another/the other is lost] -[Added 9:45ish-11:20pm June 1,07]

So, my children, now I tell you
remember this when
the rain of life's seasons
leaves you with little sustain...

Every life has it's death,
every season it's change.
Yet, in every death,
there is Life that is made...

Remember the leaves that fall
to the dust of the ground,
will eventually bring
all this life you see now.

Oh, my children,
remember this when
the rain of life's seasons
leaves you with little sustain...

Every life has it's death,
every season it's change.
Yet, in every death,
there is Life that is made,
there is Life that is made,
Life that is made!

[part two]
...So, remember the leaves,
as they fall to the ground,
they eventually brought you
this life you now see.

So, remember the leaves,
as they fall to the ground,
they eventually bring you
the Life that you seek...

[And] If it's Life that you seek,
it can be plainly seen
folded neatly away in me,
and I apologize... I apologize...

If I can just let go
of some of my pride,
as it falls to the ground,
may it eventually show
the Life that you seek.

Father, help me let go
of some of my pride,
[and] as it falls to the ground
may Your Life spring forth... in me.

title:[the Anthem]
You have just partially witnessed the "The Process of a Lyric".  I don't believe have ever written anything like this.  I am now tired.  -nite.

(May 19, 4ish am)