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This is my experiment... to have photos here, stories as they present themselves to memory, and possibly have links to Google Maps, and Earth -with corresponding geographically locatable locations. If you are reading this, and I haven't had an update as to the progress &/or plausibility of aforementioned experiment... kindly remind me w/ a comment. Or if you see me in person, gentle encouragement is preferred. Thanks, and God bless if you just sneezed.

-Joel Kreider

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There's a custom Google Map I made that shows exactly (+- a few feet of) where I have taken the pictures.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

New, Old Fotos...

Better 1...?
Better 2.
Near Allentown, Pennsylvania... Or here...

View Joel K's Foto Spots/ feat. Various Escapades in a larger map

Better 1...?
Better 2.
North Longview, at the corner of Lonesome Pine & Northridge.  Or here, for short...

View Larger Map

Better 1...?

Better 2.

Lake o' the Pines... Or, here... approximately.

View Joel K's Foto Spots/ feat. Various Escapades in a larger map 

I wasn't in the water... it's just way above normal in this present Google maps image.

Minimal edits... just some B/C adjustments, straightening (second set only) and a bit of sharpening to take of some fuzz.

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