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Monday, February 11, 2008

Banters For Ben

Got an Email w/ a few Questions in it... so I thought I would turn it in to a blog post. So heer y'ar... Thanks Ben.

Wow, that's way more [re: missionarytechteam.blogspot.com] than your personal dealio [this site].
Yeah, didn't seem like any record of the construction would get done if I hadn't kept up w/ it. Hopefully It's somewhat coherent, I was uploading willy-nilly there for a while. I'm learning better ways of doin stuff along the way tho'.

Of course, when I get to Longview on the 18-23 this month, if I get a chance to swing by, you'll have to get a picture of a visitor from another world.
Sweet! You'll be in town?... Ok, as long as you stop in at work, I should have a camera...

So, what about you? What about your story?
Ehh, I've been thinking about updating [this site], but if no one reads it, then it's not really worth much. But this is an interesting twist... maybe if more people comment and ask questions, I'll be more apt to update.

What about the newish supra you are hoping to win in a drawing at the fair?
No plans for a newish Supra, but the oldish one is getting a newish engine from Japan. : D That's the old engine, blown head gasket. Boooo... 7MGTE. Boo. It did make it all the way from Brad's place in Gilmer, Tx to Mike's place South of Tyler, TX tho'. It sounded like a Diesel by that time, strangest sound ever. Turbo petrol car, sounding like a Diesel. We only had to get out and push it once during the whole 2+ hour trip (normally an hour and a bit, but not at 35 MPH).

What about your blue ribbon hog named Bessie?
No hog yet, but my Dad has one... and it's Blue. 880ci Sportster.

What about that new band that you are putting together?
The Freedom County VFD? ...Still in the works.

What about those trees down on the corner near where you live?
Those trees have been cut down to make room for a new Townhouse Devlopment. Yay! my property value just Doubled! No, really, it did... I think the loan on my place was for 28,000-ish, and I've been offered 55-65,000-ish when I want to sell!

What about your new lady?
No Lady.

What about that new Sigma lens?
WOAH!!! WoAhAoW! That's an unbelievable lens! It must take half a ton of sand to make all that glass! Oh well, I guess if they take it from Nevada, they'll never miss it. I predict they'll sell 13 of 'em. ~$25,000

How can Mac n cheese taste so good?
Well, ya know nearly anything food related that's even partly Italian is gonna be good.

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