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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Facebook uses it's power for good! ~Or~ How the Lord provided through social media, despite it's bad rep for being a time-waster and showroom for emotional exhibitionists.

Tuesd'y last, I sent out a desperate plea for photographs, to be used in an Awana (www.awana.org) sponsored banner that was due that Friday.  Yeah. 

Ok, for Whoever sees this... I'm putting out a call for Pictures...

I need pics of rodeos + kids. And maybe a good over the shoulder shot, reading the Awana book. I would prefer your explicit permission to use the images... I can send a model release if necessary.

I'm doing a banner for Awana to reach the Cowboy Churches in the area.


So... after a few minutes I get a message from a contact at ANAM (Assoc. of North American Missions) http://www.anamissions.org/index.php  or check out their fb page, since this is a backhanded thankyou to the usefulness of that site in particular.  http://www.facebook.com/ANAMissions

And what to my wondering eyes should appear?  Visions of-  **  [I've just had one of those times where a very familiar word looks to be spelled significantly different than you think it should be, but spell check is telling you otherwise... vision, I guess that's right...] Visions of calves n goats running for their lives!  And kiddo's attired for Rodeo Camp -galore!

On to the design.

After sifting thru 3 years of Rodeo Bible Camp http://www.facebook.com/groups/113612598649960/  -which looks like a migh-tee grand time, I should add- I got some usable pictures and inspiration for layout.

I tried to keep it simple, since the deadline was so close.  Font choice tends to be one of the top time consumptions for any given project.  This was only half the case for this design.  Giddyup ( http://www.fonts.com/font/adobe/giddyup/regular ) was a no-brainer.  After several failed attempts at finding a complementary font, I decided it was taking too long.

The challenge ended up being -since I was only using one font- to make everythingreadableandnottoappearmonotone.  I eventually settled on some warped text, gradients to provide interest, and color to separate the grammatical elements.  This accomplished enough of the effect to move on.

Here's the 1st Proof.  [click for larger version]

2nd Proof, client wanted the Awana Corporate logo and praying cowboy switched, and sized accordingly.

Here's where it gets a li'l interesting.

Awana has been around for over 50 yrs.  It's a staple for kids in many churches around the country to learn about, and memorize the bible.  My intention from the outset of this design was to plaster it with Awana kids, and have some rodeo-esque-ness dabbed here and there.  But the Rodeo Bible camp pics had nothing to do with Awana, and I'd already had most of it laid out by the time other picture offers started rolling in from fb...

And this is where things start to work out.

The next change was to remove all visible references to Awana [proper].  Then replace them with the TruthSeekers logo.  http://truthseekers-us.org/   Vastly different from anything related to Awana's usual identity.

Turns out, I didn't need the blatant Awana clad pictures after all.  And the original pictures were just what they wanted.

The reasoning was that the Cowboy church culture would tend to shy away from anything they recognized as traditional.  And to give them a fresh, unbiased vision of what this new part of Awana could offer, would require a totally separate branding identity.

Oh.  And the last little design element I added, was just to learn something new.  I added a subtle texture to the Cowboys & Cowgirls text, that might only be visible if I told you.  I gave the girls lil diamondish things, the boys got a lil swashy design, and the & [ampersand] got an optical illusion type of deal.

I just like to find those kind of elements in other designs, so I tend to incorporate them into my own -in case anyone cares.  Like Easter eggs in a website, or DVD menu, that only a few people look close enough to find.  Appropriate, for this weekend I suppose. 

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